Quality Systems

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Our Framework - Environment and Quality Systems 

The quality fruits and vegetables are produced only in a healthy and sustainable environment. Considering this, we have widowed the protec- tion of the environment as our priority in order to ensure that we operate in complete harmony. Thus we daily keep the conditions of the environmental authorizations with complete dedication, according to the Greek legislation and procedures defned.

This policy system is guaranteed even in the implementation of the Quality Management System and Food Safety Management System. The frst one, reassures the stable quality of our products, their prompt delivery and an excellent customer service. On the other hand, Food Safety Management System, secures the environment and public health, through the absence of any risk in packaging materials we produce. SOULIS ABEE applies ISO systems, ISO 9001:2000 for Quality management & ISO22000:2005, for Products Safety, unifed. This innovative approach, gives as the motivation and the foundation for a continuous establishment in new markets.



In SOULIS ABEE, we go one step further. Best packaging is the synonym of products excellent condition. This perception reflects our expert's effort to daily face the challenge, not just developing an optimal but an ideal package.


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